Thank you for visiting my photoblog. My name is Pavel, me 49 years old and I`m living in Moscow, Russia.
There are some favourite choise for shootings: the nature, sea landscapes and mountains.
During rest and travel I don`t leave my camera.
I`ve often visited to Crimea. I travel across average and northern Ural Mountains and even more close to a polar circle, but vicinities of Moscow don`t leave me indifferent.
Once having visited Kirghizia, the Alpes where was time again, remained on the second plan as ridges of Pamir will not be compared on beauty and an expression of paints.
I don`t assert that my photos can be pleasant to all of you and consequently I leave for you the right to solve, they are pleasant to you or not.

I will be glad to each your comment, be they positive or negative, as well as constructive criticism to which I`ll attentively listen.

Pavel Boyko

Legal notice

Moscow, Russia.
Internet: http://www.photobay.ru/

My (unimportant) Equipment

- Alpa 12 Phase One P45+
- Pentax 67 ||
- Fotoman 617
- Velvia
- Flextight X5
- Adobe Photoshop CS4


(no particular order, I like them all and I visit them on a regular basis)

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